Academy Gold Member Nikki on her Telegraph Summer shoot!

We were delighted to be told by long term Academy Gold Member Nikki Garnett (award winning blogger on #agelessstyle) that she had a fantastic article and photoshoot published in the Daily Telegraph!
Nikki has been a member at 3-1-5 for just over three years. Soon after joining, Nikki decided she wanted to take her training regime to the next level. This was when she became a member of the X-Force Academy
Nikki is beyond grateful to the Fitness team at 3-1-5 Health Club for helping with her journey to confidence! Once we found out that Nikki had such a fantastic article in the Telegraph, we couldn’t wait to share it with you all!
We’ve also included a quote from Nikki below.

I have a big thank you to say to Lee, Johnny, Ben and Drew because something happened last Saturday that felt quite big. In an interview about holiday style with The Telegraph I let them include a bikini shot – not something I ever imagined I’d do at the age of 55! I’d never have had the confidence before, even in my 20s but after plugging away in the Academy for the last two and a half years I did.

So thank you guys for all the time you’ve given me, helping me work round my ageing body and showing me that it can do much more than I realise. You each bring something different to the mix – patience… intelligence… experience… sadism(!) This shows that you really do change our lives.

And to anyone who’s ever been in a class with me – you’re welcome to laugh out loud at the opening line that says I “radiate positivity like a hot sun” They’ve clearly never seen me in a Circuits class!

The Article


‘How to get body confident and resort ready in 30 days’  was published just last week and here’s a pic of the article in print!!

3-1-5 Health Club Nikki Garnett
Original newspaper article

Read the full article about Nikki in the Telegraph by pressing here:

3-1-5 Telegraph

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Any mid-life chic’s out there looking for inspo? Give Nikki’s personal blog a read on:
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Photo credit: Courtesy of Nikki Garnett
Congratulations again Nikki, we’re certain your story will inspire many ‘mid-life chic’s’ aswell as many ladies of any age wanting to embrace fitness and improve their journey of health!

Nikki, Thanks so much for sharing your story with us!

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