Meet Colin Bell From Peak Performance Consultancy

I’m a change and productivity coach who is passionate about challenging my client’s thinking, to help them make better decisions.

Colin Bell

How Could I Help You?

My speciality is empowering professionals across all industries to find a new perspective on the challenges they face, in turn driving long-term change. If you are ready for change, we can discuss what that means for you.

How Would We Achieve Change?

By working collaboratively to ensure that you, your team and/or organisation first understand your potential and then maximise it. This could look like:

Client Success

I’ve worked with clients across a variety of sectors, challenges and locations. The key component is that they are all looking to change something. Some of the clients I’ve worked with include:

            • YMCA
            • Fleetwood Town Football Club
            • Great Places Housing Association
            • Lancaster University
            • St Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia

I’ve also had the great fortune to work with athletes at British, National and World title levels.

My clients’ success has come in many forms. As all sessions are tailored to your needs, it’s easier for my clients to explain why my methods worked for them.

Why Did I Choose This Career?

Following a 10-year Digital Media career in performance, communication & talent development, I decided to follow the passion I’d developed. I wanted to help people achieve the things they desire through changing aspects of their beliefs and behaviours.

It was in 2010 that I discovered I had a compelling drive and interest to learn new ways of thinking. So, I re-trained and applied my new-found knowledge and experiences towards my own Personal Mastery. This led me to work with some incredible clients, and I was fortunate to be part of their journey.

I feel blessed and humbled that I love what I do, as it allows me to grow, contribute and align with what I believe to be my purpose.

Colin Bell

Performance Coach – Specialising in Behaviour Change and Personal Mastery