A Heartfelt Salute to Fitness, Unity, and Community: Celebrating National Fitness Day at 3-1-5 Health Club

On Wednesday, 20th September, 3-1-5 Health Club opened its doors wide in celebration of National Fitness Day, marking not just a day of activity, but a grand unveiling and a collective stride towards a healthier community.

The event, underscored by the theme ‘Your Health is for Life’, illuminated the club’s commitment to fostering mental health, nutrition, and recovery, in addition to physical activity, aligning with ukactive’s vision for holistic wellbeing.

The day was a carnival of health, with free tasters, class demos, and the launch of exciting new classes. The atmosphere was electrified by savings on memberships, visits from special guests, and the revelation of our revamped reception, foyer, and the much-anticipated recovery lounge, equipped with hydro massage beds and cryotherapy loungers.

3-1-5 Entrance
Sean NFD

We Spoke to Beyond Radio

The festivities kicked off with Greg, Nathan and Chris from Beyond Radio broadcasting live and interviewing notable figures.

Sean Thornton, our dedicated Owner and Director, shared insights on the club’s decade-long journey and emphasized the pivotal role of 3-1-5 in supporting active, healthy communities. Club Manager Deena Gillan introduced our new recovery areas, and World Champion Olympic Weightlifter, Graham Hicks, voiced his enthusiasm about being a part of the 3-1-5 family.

Over £5000 Donated for Cardiac Services

Our commitment to community wellbeing was showcased by presenting a £5006 charity cheque to Judith Read from the Bay Hospital Trust, funds diligently raised through fitness challenges. Judith expressed her gratitude, affirming, ‘We are so grateful to have had such wonderful support from staff and members of 3-1-5. This generous donation is a testament to all who went the extra mile to raise funds for Cardiac Services. You can be assured that we will be able to really make a difference to patients at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary. Thank you so, so much.

charity cheque NFD
class nfd

The Day's Activities

The day was also graced by valued sponsors Jack Cowell and Russ Lambert from Lloyd BMW and Mini South Lakes, respectively, who showcased their premium vehicles, symbolizing the strength of local partnerships.


Additionally, in-house partners ‘Vitality at 3-1-5’ and ‘Replenish Kitchen’ highlighted the importance of nutrition, with Neil from ‘Re:set Recovery’, Laura from ‘Forever Living’ and Claudia from ‘Biomed’ adding to the healthy partnership compliment.


Meanwhile up on the gym floor,  our fitness team entertained with engaging challenges and the launch of new classes like Les Mills Sprint and Strength Development bringing an influx of energy.

Members Relaxed in Our New Hydromassage Chairs

The newly introduced recovery lounge became an instant hit, thanks to the expertise of Ian Richardson Tees Valley Innovations and Lee Chandhar from Hydromassage.

Massage Chairs NFD

Thank You!

Special appreciation goes to our local partners, including Adam Briscoe, Malcolm Briscoe, Chris Laffey, Mark Joyce, Arthur Bailey, Lee Reynolds, Andy Kayll, Jonny Wilson, Novi Digital, McGill Video, John Carr, Marcus Yarrow, Ian and the team from Anchor Flooring,  Kevin from Sprayworx North West and Clive O’Bierne, who went the extra mile to ensure timely completion of refurbishments and contributed to the club’s vibrant atmosphere.

But above all, the stars of the day were our exceptional staff who, with unwavering dedication, ensured the event’s roaring success, embodying the essence of 3-1-5 as more than just a health club. We are a family, an inclusive community where everyone matters.

With gratitude, we celebrate not just a day, but a continuous journey of health and togetherness, honouring the spirit of National Fitness Day, the ethos of 3-1-5 Health Club, and every individual who makes it the thriving community it is. Here’s to a future of fitness, unity, and endless possibilities!

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