You’ll change more than the size of your waistline.


You’ll change more than the size of your waistline

Today’s Health Clubs exists to assist you in achieving your fitness goals. Being fit means more than being physically active. It means taking care of your body by eating properly, not smoking, and avoiding other unhealthy habits. To that end, you can find advice on diet and nutrition, health education classes, and a wide array of programmes to help you overcome whatever barriers to healthy living that you face.

Like so many people who join clubs, perhaps your goal is to manage your weight. Or maybe you need physical therapy to improve mobility? Or even a stress management program to control high blood pressure, or a strength-training program to relieve arthritis pain.

Whatever your goals, your health club can help.

A fitness professional will sit down and talk with you about your unique needs. They will design a program that’s right for you and that will deliver the results you’re looking for. For some, the pay-off is just looking good. For most, it’s feeling stronger, stepping lighter, and living better.

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Undertaking a healthier more active lifestyle, that is the best healthcare policy.   Focusing on maintaining your activity levels you can build up resilience not just towards COVID-19. More importantly to all the lifestyle illnesses and diseases where the underlying factor is general inactivity and following a sedentary lifestyle.

Here at 3-1-5 it is heartening today to see that so many people are joyously returning and embracing the new ways of heightened hygiene and cleanliness.   As a business our goal and philosophy has always been to develop a club that is an integral part of everyone’s lives and today with our doors now reopen this is our opportunity to better serve you bring in our community safely back together again.  In the new order the new world we have to embrace accept and adapt to the new ways of life.

It was so great to welcome everybody back in to see the joy of smiles and relief as you walk through the doors. For those first people we thank you so much for your support, belief and trust. Also your willingness and eagerness to use the facilities and the instilled confidence you have shown towards us.

The new dawn of friendliness and cleanliness

Our cultural values that we adhere to have always been based on high operational standards of friendliness and cleanliness.

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Furthermore to excel in our programming that inspires and motivates all our customer base to the health and wellbeing benefits of active living.

During lockdown we spent many an hour reviewing and critiquing. We found ways of how we can better serve our members but still being true to our vision. A culture to create an experience that helps our members get the most out of life and inspires you/them to become your very best.

We encourage everybody in this new world to use the club with confidence to achieve your goals.

Should you require any further information on achieving your goals, improving your general health and well being feel free to drop us a line on: [email protected]