Kids eat Free @ Replenish Kitchen at 3-1-5

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Kids eat Free @ Replenish Kitchen at 3-1-5

Tomorrow Replenish Kitchen at 3-1-5 launch their new menu. To coincide they’ll be offering a free child’s meal with EVERY adult meal purchased!

The aim is to get little ones eating good quality nutritious food!

Childhood Obesity on the rise

The battle against obesity continues to be lost. Children are increasingly likely to be obese before they leave primary school. The rise in popularity of video games and hand held electronic devices has had a huge negative impact on the health of children.

Statistics prove that the average child spends just SEVEN hours outside a week, yet double that amount spent inside playing video games.

Additionally, one in 25 of all 10 and 11 year olds are in the obese category down to their poor diet. Junk food outlets are at an all time high with healthy food being the more expensive option. Its time the government step in and make changes.

Dr Alison Tedstone, chief nutritionist with Public Health England, said: “We have over 22,000 children now at the end of their primary school years severely obese. That increases health consequences and social risk for them as well”.

How we can help

Tom Wilkinson, owner of Replenish Kitchen, at 3-1-5 Health Club wants to do his part in helping the local youngsters in the community. By offering a free childs meal with every adult meal he hopes to encourage children to understand the importance of healthy, nutritious food.

Kids Eat Free - Replenish Kitchen at 3-1-5
Meal Prep at Replenish Kitchen

Earlier this year, Replenish Kitchen launched their meal prep service as part of the offering from the Clubs cafe.  These have proved a popular choice from many members of the club all wishing to improve their diets. Some of those enjoying the balanced meals were taking part in the 8 week challenge to transform and tone. Along with the cameradie and support of the Academy X- Force Group, these customers achieved great results.

This latest offer of a childs free meal with every adult meal runs until 25th August 2018. A great Summer incentive for you and your children during the school holidays.Kids Eat Free - Replenish Kitchen at 3-1-5 Health club


Family Fitness

To top off the effort to create healthy families, we’ve launched our Family spectacular offer.

You can take up a 1 x month or an Annual membership at 3-1-5 with significant savings.

3-1-5 Health Club and Replenish Kitchen creating healthy families.