Introducing Blend Clinic at 3-1-5

Blend Clinic at 3-1-5Coming Soon to 3-1-5 Health Club!

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

A treatment that uses your body’s own growth factors to stimulate regeneration and renewal.



A natural way to achieve a cosmetic lift that doesn’t involve surgery or scary scalpels. It works wonders in all sorts of ways…

Orthopaedic Therapy and Sports Injury

Helps to stimulate your body to grow new tissue – in turn, this helps the injury site to regenerate and renew.

Hair Rejuvenation – Male Pattern Baldness and Female Hair Loss

Gone are the days of hair plugs and spray-on remedies; PRP therapy using your own blood’s plasma activates growth factors in your blood cells to do their job. The result? Hair growth is naturally stimulated.

Sexual and Intimate Health

PRP therapy can help treat medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease and female urinary incontinence.

Available Treatments

 Cosmetic£380 per single session or £1020 x3 session package.

Vampire Facelift

Hand Rejuvenation

Under Eye Bags

As this therapy can be used anywhere on the body please ask one of our advisors if your requirements are not listed.

 Orthopaedic Therapy

Consultation Appointment £60

Sports Injury

Consultation Appointment £60

Hair Rejuvenation

£380 per single session or £1020 x3 session package.

Male Pattern Baldness

Female Hair Loss

 Sexual and Intimate Health

P Shot – £1200              The Priapus Shot, or P-Shot, is a quick, usually painless, non-surgical procedure to treat erectile dysfunctions. It’s non-surgical, drug-free and achieves almost instantaneous results – though the real results come in over the next 12 weeks as the growth takes hold.

O Shot – £800                The O-shot is an all-natural, painless, non-surgical procedure to give the vagina a lift, rejuvenating and revitalising vaginal and clitoral function. Given these rejuvenating capabilities, the O-shot has also been known to help urinary incontinence.

Claudia Carrillo


A registered nurse and biomedical practitioner, Claudia joins the Blend Clinic network as the North-West connection. Claudia was born in the former East Germany, and began her career working in cardiology and internal medicine intensive care before travelling the world as a nurse. She worked in care homes in Northern Ireland, in the UK’s NHS West Midlands, and in intensive care in Belize. It was in the latter country that she joined the faculty of St Luke’s University School of Medicine, developing a community medicine programme for international students as well as working with primary care provision and prevention programmes.

Claudia’s love of nursing and helping her patients led her further into natural approaches to healthcare, and she turned her attention completely to this path over the last decade. She has studied acupuncture, various forms of massage, homotoxicology, reiki, bioregulatory medicine and aesthetic procedures – and, of course, PRP, which is how she came to Blend’s attention.

We are delighted to welcome Claudia and Blend Clinic as part of the 3-1-5 offerings.

Opening Spring 2019!

For information on Blend Clinic please contact our Main Practitioner Claudia or her PA Lisa.

Web: www.blendclinic.co.uk, mail: [email protected], Tel: 07765298905.