3-1-5 Health Club are now part of Fit4Access

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3-1-5 Health Club look forward to seeing you soon

3-1-5 Health Club are now part of Fit4Access. It’s a new online platform to help provide greater safety and reassurance to everyone in our centre.

Before you come back, we’d like you to complete an online health check through Fit4Access. It’s to ensure the safety of you and everybody else who comes back into our centre.

Please complete these two simple steps before coming back.  It only takes a few minutes. And at the end, you’ll get a Fit4Access pass to show at reception.

Please read our new Code of Conduct and answer three TRUE or FALSE statements about our Code.

Don’t worry if you get any wrong, you’ll get alternative statements to answer until you get three correct. We think you’ll find it fun; we did. And it’s helpful to know what to expect, before you come back.

Please also complete the Health Commitment Statement to confirm you’re free of COVID-19 symptoms.

It’s more reassuring to know we’ve all completed the same simple health check before coming back.

Click HERE to get your Fit4Access pass today.

We can’t wait to see you soon, ready to come back with your Fit4Access pass.

Stay safe and see you soon

The 3-1-5 team