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Circuits Young at Heart


A total body workout circuit style. This class offers stations of cardio, strength, plyometric and core training focus. Maximize calorie burn and total body training. Complete Core – Focus is on your core strength and stability.

Learner and Aqua Pool

Aqua Tone

A water based exercise class which is non-weight bearing! Excellent exercise for all and a great starting point for those recovering from injuries or post natal. Flotation equipment used for extra resistance so a great all round toning and conditioning class


X-FORCE Young @ Heart

The X-Force Training Machine is a revolutionary machine that provides a combination of concentric and eccentric resistance exercises. A training machine that combines these two movements: generates on eccentric force 40% greater than the concentric force which will accelerate your fat loss or strength building results. Kids


Kettle Box

KettleBox is a mix of Kettlercise and Boxing it covers a huge range of kettlebell and boxing exercises and drills, ranging from basic moves to more advanced techniques.

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Pilates – An innovative system of mindbody exercise, providing an educational approach to using your body to its full potential. Control and coordinate your breathing, body mechanics, stabilisation and muscle contractions to promote strength.

Beginners Pilates – is a class for those totally new to Pilates or exercise. Learn the basics comprehensively in a small group class. Begin to develop core strength and build muscle tone. This class will help Improve strength, flexibility and balance



 Experience the ride of your life with the original indoor cycling programme. A complete mind and body training programme designed for people of all ages and fitnesslevels.

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Body Pump

BODYPUMP™ is the original barbell class that strengthens your entire body. This 60 or 45 minute workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room. exercises such as squats, presses, lifts and curls. Great music, awesome instructors and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came for – and fast!

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3-1-5 Shred

3-1-5 SHRED Is a Group Exercise class based on the gym floor using treadmills, hand weights and resistance bands. Motivation is the magic formula to this 45 minute, high intensity, interval workout. Based around the simple idea of shocking your body with a combination of strength and cardiovascular exercises to improve your cardiovascular system, lose weight and build lean muscle. Your workout will never be the same again!!


Aqua Running

Aqua running in water is a total body workout, great for all athletes, whether start out or injured. This water based running class looks at different running styles and sessions in the water.