It is more important than ever that we find new and exciting ways to take care of our bodies. In addition to following a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and ensuring that you get enough sleep, you should also try to fit plenty of varied exercise into your daily routine. That’s where we come in! At 3-1-5 Health Club Lancaster we give our customers access to award-winning gym and leisure facilities, as well as supporting them on their unique fitness journeys by offering a range of classes led by experienced professionals. One of the most exciting classes we offer are aqua aerobics classes Lancaster!

What is aqua aerobics and why is it good for you?

Aqua aerobics is the ideal exercise class for those who like to have fun while they work out. It is a group based sport, where you complete choreographed workout routines to music… in the water! You’ve probably seen people partaking in aqua aerobics on holiday – but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the fun back with you with our aqua aerobics classes Lancaster locals can enjoy. Sometimes, you may not use any tools when participating in an aqua aerobics class, other times, you may use a pool noodle, or small weights to bring variation to the workout. There are numerous benefits to partaking in aqua aerobics classes, such as: – Aqua aerobics classes can improve your flexibility. – Aqua aerobics classes can help improve your heart health. They are a great example of a cardiovascular workout. Usually, they start quite simple, allowing you to gradually increase your pulse and breathing rate, without overwhelming you. – They burn calories. Due to the resistance of the water, you burn more calories walking in water than you would if you were walking normally. So, imagine the benefits of exercising in the water! Studies have shown that a 45-minute aqua aerobics class can burn upwards of 500 calories. – As the sport is completed in water, you are better protected from any muscle or joint injuries. – As with all exercise, aqua aerobics can increase your endorphin levels and relieve stress. View our aqua aerobics classes timetable to find the best time to suit you.

Who should try aqua aerobics?

We believe that aqua aerobics classes are perfect for anyone, regardless of their fitness abilities. They are a great way to stay in shape and have fun at the same time. While beginners can take their time with the exercises, using a pool noodle for additional support, those who have more experience with sport can experiment with different weights to make the workout more difficult and challenging. Furthermore, there are always new moves to try! However, aqua aerobics may be particularly beneficial for those who are recovering from an injury and want to ease themselves back into regular exercise. The support from the water helps protect your muscles and joints from strain or further damage. In addition, aqua aerobics may be the perfect sport for those who struggle with losing weight.

What makes aqua aerobics classes in Lancaster stand out?

At 3-1-5 Health Club, our state-of-the-art facilities include three pools. Our aqua aerobics classes take part in the stunning, 25-meter pool, which gives everyone plenty of space to make the most out of their workout. Even better, after a tiring session you can relax in our hydrotherapy pool, sauna or steam room! Our classes stand out because they are led by Sandy and Christina. They are experienced sportsmen, with a passion for what they do. When you are being led by somebody who cares about what they are doing – it truly makes a difference. They want you to feel just as positively about aqua aerobics as they do. This means they will offer you continuous support throughout – as well as giving you that extra push when you need it. Furthemore, in light of recent events, we are committed to ensuring that everyone who works out with us feels safe and is protected. That means that we will limit the number of people booking into each class, ensuring that we can maintain proper social distancing throughout. However, don’t worry – just because we’re social distancing doesn’t mean we won’t work up a sweat! Sign up for membership today to find out how we can help you transform your body, helping you to look your best and feel even better!