The Power of Strength Training for Women

Women are genetically programmed to have a lower muscle mass in total, especially in the upper body. With oestrogen as the main anabolic hormone women can on average expect less muscle growth (hypertrophy) compared to men. Also, women can expect a more rapid decline in joint and muscular health, as oestrogen levels decrease with age.

One of the greatest misconceptions regarding female strength training concerns the female body’s own built-in limitations to increasing muscular mass. While average female genetics does not allow for more than moderate hypertrophy, muscle to nerve response times (causing more than 30% of strength gain) are just as fast as in men.

Women are generally smaller than men and have a documented lower bone mineral mass and a higher susceptibility to degenerative arthrosis (breakdown of the joints). There is thus every reason for women regardless of age to engage in quality strength training. As western civilization in general and western women in particular struggle with obesity, the argument for effective eccentric strength training is overwhelming. Strength training with X-Force can help women improve joint health and bone mineralisation,as well as develop a strong, lean body. Women should weigh their training regime slightly towards more upper body workouts and specifically work the core, shoulder and the back.

Trainees can begin with two workouts every 10 days. Once the trainee is content with her strength development she can then cut back to one workout a week. If more fat loss is desired then the number of workouts should be kept up (two to three per week). As discussed earlier, increasing muscle mass will automatically increase fat metabolism, even when the muscle is at rest. If training intensity is reduced too much, or the resting period becomes too short, then muscle growth will also be reduced.

Integrate these techniques into your lifestyle and reap the fat loss benefits in the results driven, X-Force Training Academy.

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